HEBI's desktop and mobile applications provide additional features and capabilities to HEBI hardware components.

Current desktop apps:

  • Scope allows users to configure, command, and update HEBI modules on your network, and can be used to plot real-time feedback.

Current mobile apps:

  • HEBI Mobile I/O allows mobile devices to provide input to HEBI APIs, and supply real-time sensor data.




Scope is a multi-purpose monitoring and configuration utility that identifies HEBI modules on the local network. It lets you to easily get up and running by helping you do things like: 

  • Plot real-time feedback

  • Send actuator commands

  • Configure and tune controllers

  • Update firmware

Scope is a cross-platform application for Windows, Linux, and macOS. 



HEBI Mobile I/O

HEBI Mobile I/O is a free app that provides a way to connect mobile devices with the HEBI ecosystem. This app exposes digital and analog inputs that the user can change on their device through sliders and buttons or a virtual joystick. This information, along with sensor feedback (IMU, full 6-DoF pose, battery level, etc), can be read in as feedback in the HEBI APIs, or visualized in Scope.