The HEBI Robotics platform enables students to use real robots to experience and experiment with concepts that are too often confined to the whiteboard.

Reconfigurable and Iterative 

Our easy-to-learn, cross-platform tools allow students to work in a variety of development environments, learning basic concepts with a simple robot and building on this foundation as the course progresses.

Safe for Students

HEBI's robust hardware withstands heavy use, retaining its durability from one semester to the next. Each actuator is backdrivable to avoid damage from impact and has built-in safety measures including temperature modeling that will reduce power as temperature increases to avoid damage from overheating.

Curriculum building

The HEBI platform is the cornerstone of several undergraduate level robotics courses including a kinematics course at Carnegie Mellon University. We welcome the opportunity to help you advance robotics by providing teaching tools for the next generation of roboticists.