HEBI's technology was initially developed in an academic lab by researchers for researchers. Our platform enables researchers to do in days what takes months with traditional hardware. Rather than reinventing the wheel, researchers are freed up to concentrate on the creative aspects of building a robot—the activities that drive their work forward.

This is what HEBI Robotics means by "accelerating the future of robotics®".

Product Benefits

  • Rapid development; spend less time on hardware so that more time can be devoted to actual research.

  • Reconfigurable, recyclable, and easy-to-learn; the HEBI platform is comprised of easy-to-learn, cross-platform tools and easy to work with hardware, so projects can live on from one generation of researchers to the next.

  • Accurate and stable force control; each HEBI actuator is series elastic and enables simultaneous control of position, torque and velocity.

  • Next-generation controls; our APIs support system level kinematics and trajectory control as well as joint level motion, feedback, logging, and more.

  • Unlimited access; HEBI's system is accessible and customizable at any level.

  • Sensors and logging; each actuator is packed with sensors, and the software offers powerful logging capabilities, enabling researchers to gather more data than they'll ever need.