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Introducing the new R-Series

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Robotic building blocks.

HEBI Robotics produces hardware and software tools that make it easy to create custom robots quickly. Our platform is used by academic and industrial roboticists around the world to speed up development, iterate quickly, and solve real-world problems with robots.



The cornerstone of HEBI’s platform are the X-Series and R-Series smart actuators. These powerful modules are Ethernet-enabled, series elastic, and allow users to control position, torque, and velocity—simultaneously. Providing unrivaled flexibility, HEBI's X-Series and R-Series modules are available individually or as part of pre-assembled robot kits.



HEBI's software applications and cross-platform tools provide several layers of hardware access to cover a wide range of projects. Our APIs support system-level kinematics and trajectory control as well as joint-level motion, feedback, logging, and more. We take care of the difficult math behind motion control so you can focus on the creative aspects of robot building.


Custom Development

HEBI's world-class engineers have a broad depth of experience and a passion for creating robots that solve real-world problems. Let us help you identify and build the right tools to fit your needs. Our services range from prototype design to production at scale, and all stages in between.


Serving industry and academia.



HEBI’s approach is to design the robot to fit the application rather than changing the application to suit the robot. We have a passion for solving real-world problems with robotics and are available to help with your system—ranging from prototyping to production at scale.


In any type of research that needs to interact with the environment, hardware has been the historical bottleneck. HEBI is changing this. Our modular system enables the roboticist to reduce hardware development time by an order of magnitude. 


HEBI’s easy-to-learn, cross-platform tools let users work in the development environment that is most comfortable. The modular platform enables students to start with a simple project and build upon it. Built-in safety controls eliminate concerns about damage resulting from impact or overheating.


Making robots simple, useful, and safe.