HEBI's desktop and mobile applications provide additional features and capabilities to HEBI hardware components.

Current desktop apps:

  • Scope allows users to configure, command, and update HEBI modules on your network, and can be used to plot real-time feedback.

Current mobile apps:

  • HEBI Mobile I/O allows iOS devices to provide input to HEBI APIs, and supply real-time sensor data.

  • HEBI Node provides Android users a simple way to gather real-time sensor data from their mobile devices.




Scope is a multi-purpose monitoring and configuration utility that identifies HEBI modules on the local network. It lets you to easily get up and running by helping you do things like: 

  • Plot real-time feedback

  • Send actuator commands

  • Configure and tune controllers

  • Update firmware

Scope is a cross-platform application for Windows, Linux, and macOS. 



HEBI Mobile I/O

HEBI Mobile I/O is a free iOS app that provides a way to connect iOS devices with the HEBI ecosystem. This app exposes digital and analog inputs that the user can change on their device through sliders and buttons or a virtual joystick. This information, along with sensor feedback (IMU, full 6-DoF pose, battery level, etc), can be read in as feedback in the HEBI APIs, or visualized in Scope.




HEBI Node is a free Android app that we developed to provide users with a simple way to gather real-time sensor data from mobile devices. All sensor feedback can be accessed in the same way as the feedback from our other devices.

The example below shows an application where the feedback from a gyroscope in an Android phone is used to control the output velocity of an actuator. All feedback is in SI units, so velocity can be mapped without conversion.

% Control actuator velocity using gyroscope readings
phone = HebiLookup.newGroupFromNames('*', 'HEBI_Nexus5');
actuator = HebiLookup.newGroupFromNames('*', 'X5-00893');
cmd = CommandStruct();
while true
	fbk = phone.getNextFeedback();
	cmd.velocity = -fbk.gyroZ;