R-Series Actuators


HEBI’s R-Series allows engineers and industrial integrators to quickly create custom robots that can be deployed directly into wet, dirty, or outdoor environments. The R-Series offers all of the benefits of the X-Series, along with a sealed robotics solution for rugged, industrial applications.

R-Series Actuators are sealed to IP67 and designed with a lightweight form factor that allows them to be used in challenging field applications. They are packed with sensors that enable simultaneous control of position, velocity, and torque as well as three-axis inertial measurement.

Each actuator integrates a brushless motor, gear reduction, force-sensing, encoders, and control electronics into a compact package that runs on anything from 24V-48V DC and communicates using standard 100Mbps Ethernet. This, along with an internal pressure sensor, keeps the overall robotic system lightweight, low-power, simple, and safe.

Scheduled for release October of 2019.


Built for rugged applications