X-Series Actuators®


HEBI Robotics' X-Series Actuators® allow engineers, researchers, and industrial integrators to quickly and easily create custom, world-class robots of any configuration. These professional-grade actuators are packed with sensors that enable simultaneous control of position, velocity, and torque as well as three axis inertial measurement.

Each module is a series-elastic actuator that integrates a brushless motor, geartrain, spring, encoders, and control electronics into a compact package that runs on anything from 18V to 48V DC and communicates using standard 10/100Mbps Ethernet.

The X-Series Actuator® is designed to function as a full-featured robotic component as opposed to a simple servo motor. The output rotates continuously, requires no calibration or homing on boot-up, and contains a thru-bore for easy daisy-chaining and wiring. The modules can be used in everything from wheeled robots to multi-degree-of-freedom, collaborative robotic arms.


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